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Thank you for visiting my LJ. 

I am selling unofficial shop/ concert papa/ street papa photos on this LJ.

Currently for Singaporean only.
Queries from overseas buyers are welcomed if you are really interested. (:

This is how the photos will look like:

1. Ordering Format:

  • Name:
  • Email:
  • Orders:
2. How To Order:
  • Save a list of url of the photos you want in a .doc and sent it to my email
  • Save the sample photos in a folder and up it on MF, leaving the MF link in my email.

3. Mode Of Payment:
  • ATM Transfer
(extra charge for mailing the photos)
  • Pay Upon Meet Up
(flexible, somewhere near Central, Town will be preferred)

4. Price:
  • SGD $2.00/ shop photo (with johnny logos)
  • SGD$1.50/ papa photo (without any logos)

*prices does not include mailling fee.

5. Collection:

  • Mail
  • Meet Up

6. Size of photo:

  • Same size as the official shop photos.

7. Any Other Questions?

  • Leave a comment
  • Email me at: 


Arigatou ne ^^



P.S. For faster reply, email your name and cellphone number to naomi-je@hotmail.com.

i will get back to you asap.